Friday, November 11th, 2016

Girl Toddler: I have a good mommy and a good daddy!

Ana: Yes you do, baby bear.

Girl Toddler: But Luke Skywalker has a bad daddy.

Hear that, Vader? You have officially failed parenting class.
Girl Toddler: Are you Dracula?

Ana: No.

Girl Toddler: We don't like Dracula.

Ana: Nope. We don't want to meet him in the dark.

Girl Toddler: No, because he will come out and he will bite your leg and drink you like soda!
My girl toddler enjoys selecting pajamas that have been unintentionally mixed in with her actual clothing to wear to daycare. As I cannot see to tell the difference, she often ends up heading off in a pajama shirt or pants. Today it was a shirt.

I feel so embarrassed when these are brought to my attention. As these slip ups happen, I feel as if I can do no right by her.

Maybe I am just having a rough few days.