Saturday, November 12th, 2016 04:31 am
[personal profile] anarae
Bought some presents for my girl toddler's birthday and for Christmas. Some toys I think she'll enjoy. Future Aids isn't currently stocking the magnetic construction set I wanted for her. Guess I'll need to find something similar somewhere else.

Going to get her a trampoline. Small one. Enclosure so she can't fall out.

Haven't yet decided if I'll be giving it to her on her birthday or for Christmas.

Still need to get her a Christmas stocking. Don't think I have hers with us. Thought I brought it, but can't be certain.

Maybe some new coloring books. Large array of new crayon colors. She'll love that.

Books from Seedlings, perhaps, that I can read to her. She loves it when I do that.

Teddy bear, maybe. She loves stuffies. Doesn't really need new ones, but it will make her smile. I love doing that. Making her happy.

When I can.

Was thinking of some dress up clothing too. Will see what Amazon has floating around.

Wonder if there will be any nice sales for cyber Monday. On toys. Must be. I mean, it'll be the home stretch to Christmas at that point.

Headache. So tired.

Will write again soon.
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