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I'm not sure if I should say that winter is back or that I am back in winter. Either way, it's definitely here, and boy was it noticeable today.

My girl toddler's father and I took her to the park today, and I was pretty certain my hands and ears were growing icicles as we played with her. Moving from Florida, I owned no gloves or hat until we swung by Wal-mart after the park, and it was today when I realized, yeah. Might be a good idea to pick those up.
It was a great afternoon. She absolutely adored the park, then we went to get sushi (am I even spelling that right?), then we swung by Wal-mart so I could pick up wrapping paper, scotch tape, gloves and a hat.

Warmth. Much better.

When I moved, I was dreading the winter. I was pretty certain I would absolutely despise it as I used to, but I am surprised I don't. It's really refreshing to have seasons back, truth be told, and I find it rather invigorating. Oh, I'm still no huge fan of the frigid weather, but put some gloves on, a hat and a warm coat and it's all good.

My girl certainly enjoyed it. She had the entire park to herself. Not only was it freezing, but the wind was out in force. But she was bundled up like a baby escimo and thrilled to have the entire run of the playground.

It was an awesome day.
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